Beckham Creek Cave Haven: A One Of A Kind Hotel

Tourist and travelers spend a huge amount of time outdoors during a vacation. Holidays and weekend breaks are perfect for the family, friends and loved ones. It is a good way to enjoy new sceneries and attractions while taking a time off from the busy and hectic activities with work. With that in mind, hotels are an integral part of the journey. One can’t simply plan to take a vacation and spend the whole night outside.

Hotels aren’t really that much of problem since accommodations are quite abundant and plentiful. Many hotels are also being constructed and made on a regular basis allowing more rooms and options for travelers to stay all over the world. Because of their sheer numbers, hotels often look quite the same and offer the same experience over and over again making them blend in the crowd. This is why unique and bizarre hotels are often preferred especially by adventurous travelers that is seeking a new and different experience during travels.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven is a one of a kind hotel. Simply looking at its overall structure makes it stand out amongst the rest of the hotels. The hotel is situated under a cave giving travelers a primitive yet modern approach to hotel accommodation. This also makes each room relatively cool, comfy and fresh. The atmosphere is different and the ambience is great. Nature lovers can really appreciate its complex and intuitive design. Though accommodations come at a hefty price, the experience becomes priceless.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven – Unique Hotels

What can be better than having a great vacation in a totally luxurious and secluded unique hotel, where you will get all the comfort and totally relaxing time of your life, because of the total privacy you get? This is Beckham Creek Cave Haven, a totally unique hotel and lodging place where you will have peace of mind because of the very relaxing accommodation and total privacy, while having the totally luxurious vacation. You can even go nature hiking or fishing and boating, still in complete privacy and without contact with the outside world. You will have the exclusive time of your life and on your own, in complete privacy.

If you have functions, like a birthday party, wedding, or any event where you need complete privacy, this can also be the unique place for you. You will still get the excellent and comfortable experience in this place, and yet with total exclusivity and complete privacy. You will have the luxurious vacation in the very nice bedrooms, enjoy the nice furnishings and decors, and see the nice view of nature, and literally live like a king in this truly unique vacation place.

The natural beauty of the place is truly preserved in this unique vacation hotel, making it a truly very nice and luxurious place of accommodation, one that is fit only for kings and royalties. It has stunning views practically everywhere because of nature that is preserved, but also very well developed. There is even a heliport, and transport can be arranged.

Out of this World Hotel Experience at Beckham Creek Cave Haven

Hotels are built and go into business on a regular basis. This is a great way to entice tourist to visit a certain country or place since accommodations are plentiful and there are no worries about having no place to stay during the course of the travel, while I was there I attended a beautiful banquet where I met this women in the most glamorous royal blue dress apparently she discovered it from this site.

Speaking of hotels, their overall design and structure seems to be awfully similar with each other making it less engaging and fun. People go to hotels just to get the day over with and be ready for the trip tomorrow. This is why the preference may not be that much of a factor when people look for hotels to stay. However, unique hotels are slowly getting the spotlight that they deserve and are becoming more and more popular with tourist as they leave a lasting impression during their travel.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven is a fine example of a unique and totally different hotel that shock and awe many tourists during their encounter. This is because the hotel is situated under a natural living cave making it very unusual from the rest. It’s like living under a cave though with modern technological advancements such as a flat screen television, refrigerator and the likes. There are also fun activities near the hotel that guests may enjoy doing.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven rates do come at a hefty price though such experience is rare and one of a kind. If you are looking for a unique and out of this world experience then you might want to look at Beckham Creek Cave Haven.

The Best Unique Hotels You Can Find Around The World

You can see it often when you are in downtown. Most foreigners who travel to your country stay in this place if they can’t find a place to stay nearby. Hotels have always been a necessity for anyone who travels around other than their own place and would want to spend the night there. Some would also use that as a way to relax and unwind so that they can use the facilities the hotels have. Of course there are different kinds of hotels that you can find around town with some that have specific functions. There are however hotels which have unique peculiarities.

One particular hotel in the United States is the Beckham Creek Cave Haven. It is located at Parthenon, Arizona. It is a pretty great hotel which could make you experience a different kind of lifestyle. You see, the place is built in a cave and most of the stuff inside is made of stone. Yep, the lounge sofas are made of stone with foam of course, some of the facilities are carved out of stone, the art are made of stone and many more. It is something very new to experience for those travelers who are accustomed to normal hotels.

There are many unique types of hotels around the world and they have their own gimmicks that most people will certainly love. If you are into new things, you might like to try out these unique hotels.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven – Unique Hotel

If you want a hotel that is very unique but is so sophisticated that it was previously featured in many popular TV shows including Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, National Geographic, NBC Nightly News and many others, try the Beckham Creek Cave Haven. It is a unique hotel in a secluded cave dwelling and with underground Jacuzzis. It is a luxurious cave house that you will totally enjoy staying and have relaxation. Although the place is totally secluded you will have a very relaxing and very comfortable stay in this very unique hotel accommodation.

If you are a lover of the outdoors, staying in this unique hotel will also be very interesting because you can do hiking, boating, fishing, while also having complete privacy and peace. The place is a perfect combination of beauty and excellent design while also experiencing the wonderful delights of nature in the place. Because of its uniqueness while also giving total comfort and excellent service to its numerous guests, the hotel remains as popular as ever.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven will be the place for your perfect vacation, being in a totally secluded environment while also experiencing total comfort and excellent service. You can also experience rock climbing and the nature trails, if you want to, and also horseback riding and bird watching, and experiencing nature in general. If you are the sporty type, there is also a golf course nearby and also shopping and entertainment, for other leisure activities you want. The hotel is a total package, from the comfort and sophistication to the nature and entertainment activities that you prefer.

Unique Hotels in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is part of the region in Asia which speaks of modernity and Oriental mystery. Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam comprise the regional block that is called Southeast Asia.

From ancient temples to sunny beaches, Southeast Asian countries offer a unique experience that will be etched in memories of visitors in their lifetimes. The variety of destinations in the region is simply awesome with the combination of physical and architectural beauty and its local cultures.

Thus, if you intend to enjoy one week to a vacation in some place in Asia, make sure you get the correst information as to where you will be going.

Here are the top 3 choices that you can check::

1) Anantara Golden Triangle Resort and Spa

Anantara in Northern Island is set in a 160 acres of lush tropical jungle, located on a bluff overlooking the Mekong River and the intersecting borders of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.

The hotel’s major attraction, aside from its facilities, is its elephant rescue camp. If you wish to dine with an elephant at breakfast, you can do it in Anantara. A mahout will bring one up to the table and with a polite introduction, but watch out if the pachyderm decides to take a seat.

Anantara Golden Triangle has managed to combine environmental responsibility with a plush resort and worderfully indulgent spa, which in turn support the very important elephant rescue work led by Director of Elephants, John Roberts, under the royal auspice of the much-revered Thai King.

The region is rich with the heritage of the Lana Kingdom of Old Siam and the home of a number of hill tribes, with culture and nature merging in the elephant camp, where tourists can be a “mahout for a day,” learning about the lifestyle of the Thai mahouts and the day-to-day tasks of feeding and caring for their giant charges.

2) Eco unique hotels and villas in Vietnam

The kind of accommodation that these eco-friendly hotels and villas offer is that it is unconventional.
From mountain lodges and beach cabanas to simple homestays in quiet corners of Vietnam, there is a good range for the adventurously minded traveler.

3) Hilton de Pattaya, Unique and Luxury Hotel in the City of Pattaya, Thailand

Appearance, a unique design and amazing spas and swimming pools makes Hilton de Pattaya of the rare hotels which are able to attract visitors only because of ther unique desing and luxury.

The most amazing part of the hotel is the landscaped outdoor swimming pool which is also commonly known as “infinity pool” with good reason.

The swimming pool and the Jacuzzi are placed on the roof of the hotel which makes this hotel very unique. Having a swim at its infinity pool might even be an exciting experience.

4) Island Cruises in Indonesia

Island cruising in Indonesia is something that is filled with excitement and adventure. Whether it’s driving of the coast of Bali, visiting the world famous Komodo dragons or taking in the culture of Spice Islands, the large variety of itineraries offer a once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

The Most Unique Hotels to Stay in the US

The United States has always been considered internationally as the bastion of freedom. If you just take a look at how people love to freely express themselves, you would surely come to appreciate this fact. Indeed, even by just knowing the unusual hotels that operate in the country, you would certainly realize how true this is. There are actually a number of very unique hotels that you can stay in the US. By taking note of their distinctiveness, you should be able to determine which would really suit your taste. Their uniqueness definitely means fun for the guests.

Dog Bark Park Inn is one outstanding example of a unique hotel. Located in Cottonwood, Idaho, the buildings where the rooms are found are modeled after beagles. This gives the guests the rare opportunity of actually sleeping inside a dog house. If you are taking along your kids for a vacation, they would surely love the thought of staying in such a hotel. The Out’N’About Treehouse Treesort in Takilma, Oregon is just as interesting. The rooms are perched on top of gigantic trees. I was silly and decided to climb one of the trees extending from the bedrooms and ended up straining my hands causing lots of pain. My recommendation is that you do not do that. But, if you love tree houses, this one would surely bring out the adventurous child in you as cross from one room to another with hanging bridges.

You may not consider yourself to be barley of wheat but you would certainly be curious about how it is to live in a silo. In Akron, Ohio, this is what Quaker Square would make you experience. This hotel used to be huge storage facility for grains. However, this has been converted into a hotel. Living in a museum, on the other hand, is the experience that you are going to get in 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. While staying inside your room, you would also get the chance to look at some of the most beautiful works of art from contemporary artists.

The African wild may not be in the US but you could still get the chance of actually living with the animals found there. This is possible if you stay in Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The place is actually a reserve and the hotel is right in the midst of it. This is definitely a unique and thrilling hotel stay. McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel is unique because of the fact that it used to be an elementary school. And the amazing thing is that it still provides the same atmosphere although this time, you would not be punished for drinking alcohol.

There are still a lot more unique hotels in the US. The reason why the managements of the said hotels pursue this is clearly to provide guests an experience that they would never forget. If you are the type who easily gets bored by the same hotel fare and the same hotel service, then these are definitely the types that would interest you. Most of these have websites, which is why it would be best that you actually try checking these out. Better still, get your reservations.


Unique Hotels in Europe

There are a lot of reasons why people take their time and spend a vacation or special days in Europe. Aside from good architecture, romantic places, exceptional sceneries and interesting culture, there are so many things Europe can offer you. Someone visiting the place will not have a hard time communicating with locals as majority of the population living in the place speak and understand English. On top of the reasons mentioned above, one of the attractions in Europe is the unique hotels around the continent. These unusual places to stay make it even more memorable for people spending their vacation and holidays in the area.

The usual amenities you find in a hotel are keycards, make up room signs, free toiletries and extra things that will make your stay comfortable and worth remembering. In Europe these things are not only the main source of customer satisfaction but the main hotel itself. There are some hotels in the different parts of Europe that are exceptional in terms of structure, history, location, work of art and grand interiors. One of the unique hotels in Europe is the JailHotel Lowengraben In Switzerland as silly as this may sound but my visit to this hotel really helped the bags under my eyes. The unique thing about this hotel is that the rooms are former cells, renovated to recreate the aesthetics of prison life. The place was a former home for inmates of different kind. Blowup Hall 5050 in Poland is also a must see hotel in Europe because of its high – technological facilities. Can you imagine receiving an iPhone instead of an ordinary keycard or door keys. The process of booking is to choose a set of colors, numbers and type of personality and that would determine the kind of room you will have during your stay. Esbelli Evi in Turkey is also one of the unique hotels in the continent.

This hotel in Turkey looks more like a product of child’s imagination as every area is mostly seen in fairy tales and fiction stories. If you are a fan of trains and railways, The Old Railway Station in England is the place for you. Old train carriages are restored and provide guests a chance to reclaim the past and travel back in time. Krakenesfyr in Norway is considered as one of the unusual places to stay because of its location. The place is an old lighthouse renovated to provide a one of a kind experience to guests who want to feel the loneliness of a lighthouse keeper’s existence. Lastly, Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Finland is also a must see place to stay in the continent. If you wish to lie in bed beneath thermo glass, watch the amazing night sky and enjoy a toasty warm temperature even if the outside temperature is freezing, this igloo village in Finland is the best hotel to book your next trip.

There are other unusual hotels in the area aside from the ones mentioned above. If you want to experience the different auras, one of a kind sceneries and high – technology facilities, it’s time to start planning your trip and reserving one room on each of these unique accommodations.

Unique Hotels

A hotel is a kind of accommodation for transients or people visiting a place, and only on a short term basis. The basics of a hotel are rooms with beds, bathroom, a table and chair, and air conditioning units, to make the room livable. While these are the basics, many hotels also have additional features like telephones, cable televisions, refrigerators, and including Wi-Fi access. The more luxurious hotels also have mini bars that include drinks that are to the account of the guests. These things may be the basics in traditional and luxurious hotels but there are also unique hotels that can be found in many places.

The main reasons that visitors and transients like in a hotel they will stay into are the locations and rates. For the ordinary guests, they may just look at hotels that are located in places where they like to visit, including how much these hotels costs. However, for the moneyed guests and visitors, the rates may not matter to them and they will look for unique hotels that will give them the unique experience. There are many of these unique hotels around the world, although the rates may also be very expensive and only for the rich and famous, including those like me with sunken eyes. Many of these unique hotels are located in places that are the playgrounds of multi millionaires and celebrities.

Many luxury hotels and resorts are unique in their own ways, which make them attractive to the rich and celebrities. Although there are many of these hotels around the world, the traditional hotels also are not wanting in their guests because there are also many who want only the affordable accommodations they can have. The tropical resorts and hotels in many tropical destinations have their guest accommodations often in full capacities because they have affordable rates but with luxurious types of services also. There are many unique hotels in these tropical destinations though.

There are unique hotels of the lifestyle types also and located in many historical buildings and places. These are the hotels in their own unique ways though, renovated and created to bring back their historical ambience, combined with the more modern conveniences they can offer to guests. There are added features also, that will offer the luxurious feeling that their guests will experience. Many of these hotels already offer widescreen high definition TVs and Wi-Fi access in the individual rooms and not only in the lobby.

A unique hotel should be one that can stand out among the rest. These should be the hotel kinds that will make guests keep coming back whenever they are visiting the place. Whether the guests are on a business trip or vacationing with family, the feeling should one that will make them feel pampered such that they would like to come back and experience the same feeling. The unique hotels should give the perfect vacation that will give them the complete feeling of satisfaction. There are many of these unique hotels not only in the tropical vacation destinations but also in Europe.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven – Unique Hotels Going Beyond Being Extra-Ordinary


bt_logdgeNot everyone crave for the ordinary in whatever aspect in life.  And somehow when it comes to spending a holiday somewhere memorable, it really pays to be in a hotel and be with accommodations which can go beyond the ordinary.  With Beckham Creek Cave Haven, in fact, your holiday will prove to be beyond the extra-ordinary.

When it is Beckham Creek Cave Haven that we are talking about, those who have spent time there could not help but recall the wildlife-like adventure which any guest would truly attest to having.  Ozark Mountains provide for a different kind of hotel accommodations in the cave hotel which used to be a Cold War Bomb shelter.  The history in itself would already prove interesting however “cold” it may have been.  The good thing about this is that it replaced that cold historical place into a cozy and naturally warm shelter for interested foreign tourists or locals interested in a different kind of holiday.

If you can’t imagine how it is to merge hotel accommodations with the naturally formed caves and mountain, it should surprise and delight you at the same time to be able to see for yourself the Beckham Creek Cave Haven.  You would initially say indeed that it is one of the most unique hotels in the world, simply staying there distracted me from thoughts of my mild stroke last year.  A sight to behold as the Cave House which was originally built by the founder of Celestial Seasonings tea, John Hay, is now able to house guests and even host special occasions like reunions, weddings, and many more functions.  Here you will find a great fusion of the natural world with modern and truly unique accommodations.  So anyone can say that coming here is going to give you nothing but your usual holiday experience.

You can find some of the world’s best unique hotels as they are showcased in many websites designed by experts in the field. The best way to show anything that can be of great interest to the world is to have a site. You can learn on your own how to do so. You can check on the training and services offered by any Los Angeles web design firm.  Just check on the link to find out more.

Perhaps one of the things which make this natural and modern-day world fusion great is that this unique architectural make-up for a vacation accommodation blends well and doesn’t get in the way of nature.  There is no telling what most people do in order to accomplish projects like hotel accommodations and only to find out their efforts to be falling short in giving pleasure to their guests; so unlike the Beckham Creek Cave Haven.  Here, you will find nature unspoiled yet the amenities and facilities never fall short of giving people comfort and luxury and giving guests the chance to celebrate important occasions.

To think that it appears primitive, this unique accommodation can in fact give guests really lavish amenities including private baths for every bedroom where some even have Jacuzzis, great programming on flat screen TVs, private dens, and room entertainment systems.  Perhaps the “primitive” part in such an accommodation is that the Beckham Creek Cave Haven has kept the rough walls of the cave untouched – another thing about such abode that makes it uniquely natural yet cozy all at the same time.
If you should desire to make unforgettable memories for a holiday, perhaps checking out unique hotels such as the Beckham Creek Cave Haven is what you need to get you one that goes beyond the extra-ordinary.  While you may be “roughed up” in the adventure of getting there, you will not need to “tough” it out in the luxurious amenities of the place.

Here’s more of Beckham Creek Cave Haven:



Famous Tales About People In Caves

In case you’re still hesitating about checking in at a hotel embedded in a cave, we’d like to present to you some famous stories and movies about awesome cave-dwellers the likes of whom are not primitive nor barbaric (well, in some cases they start out so, but soon become awesome beings. In fact, the very reason they chose to live in caves is to keep their awesomeness secret.) Above is a clip from the 1943 Batman series called The Bat’s Cave. In one scene, Batman asks the villain, after taking him “home”:

Do you like our place? We think it’s very cozy.

And while the Bat Cave was used to intimidate the villain into spilling the beans about his nefarious crimes, we do tend to agree with the caped crusader and his sidekick: the presence of bats flitting about does lend a cozy atmosphere to the primitive abode, rough walls, musty smell, and all.

Another tale that is seemingly rough-hewn and simple, yet allows us to suspend our disbelief is Maurice Sendak’s (RIP, dear sir) Where the Wild Things Are. Big furry creatures living in caves and other dark dwellings in a seemingly dreary landscape nurse their own unique neuroses, until a totally different, less hairy creature in the form of a small boy threatens to transform the world they have gotten more or less used to, with the force of a cherry bomb. In one scene, they fall asleep huddled together in a cave, keeping each other warm and safe. Caves have the capacity to do that. It’s the inhabitants of a cave which make it special.

Image borrowed from

Carol: This part of your kingdom’s not so good.
Max: Why?
Carol: Well, look: this used to be all rock, and now it’s sand, and then, one day, it’s going to be dust, and then the whole island will be dust, and then… well I don’t even know what comes after dust.

And then there’s Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, with its cave filled with treasures and deadly secrets that only an elite few can access. It is a classic story that is full of cunning and deception, yet brimming with lessons about loyalty and common sense. The tale has been made into cartoons, films, books, and re-told by word of mouth and pantomime because its lessons are so enduring even in modern times.

So there you have it, just a couple of examples of how caves have come to be revered and treasured over time. Caves are legendary and mysterious and they have been around far longer than any hotel has, and not everyone will be privileged to be able to step foot in one during their lifetime. Imagine having the option to check in and stay for a few days in a cave with an accommodating staff wanting to make your vacation a comfortable and enjoyable one, surrounded by modern amenities and luxurious facilities!

The Beckham Creek Cave Haven: Truly Unique

The Beckham Creek Cave Haven is featured in the article about all world architecture World’s most unusual hotels.

Image borrowed from

It takes pride of place among other one of a kind lodgings, including an underwater hotel in Dubai, the capsule inns of Japan, a floating pyramid island in the Caribbean, an ice hotel in Sweden, and others which you will not get with traditional hotel reservations.

What kind of value does a “unique” hotel like this one fashioned from a natural cave give to you? For starters, you get a memorable vacation right from when you check in. Many travelers tend to treat their hotel rooms as just places for sleeping, dressing, showering, and to drop their bags in. Hotels like Beckham Creek Cave Lodge want to give you the experience of truly enjoying your vacation by way of interesting facilities and features that you will not get from any other mortar-and-brick lodgings.

It is located in a secluded place in Arkansas. Getting there is already an adventure, and once you have registered, a one of a kind communing with nature combined with first-class service and amenities begins. This lodge is a fine example of building around nature without destroying it. The result is architecture enhanced by nature’s true beauty, which pays homage to its surroundings without the need to deface things in the name of progress.

The rooms within the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge are wide and evenly spaced. The Main Room is over 20,000 square feet. It houses an amazing natural rock waterfall called “The Spanish Piano” because of the soothing music it produces. There is a beautifully tiled floor, and a large formal dining table fit for any large gathering.

The cave walls are left untouched, providing a rustic and interesting counterpoint to comfortable lounges and armchairs. You can watch satellite television programming on a large flat screen TV while special colorful lighting casts interesting light and shadow plays on the rock wall of the room.

In each of the bedrooms, you can expect a private bath with luxurious amenities, with some even boasting a jacuzzi. The walls of all the bedrooms and their corresponding private baths also feature natural cave walls, making each chamber unique and awe-inspiring. The Honeymoon Suite is bigger and offers many more facilities to couples. It even has its own private den and entertainment system.

Families and groups of friends can spend a lot of time at the lodge’s Rec Room during their stay. There is a game room at the top of the stairs. You can have your pick of fun activities here such as chess, card games, board games, shuffleboard, and foosball. At night, take advantage of the many comfortable seats for you to lounge around in while you relax and enjoy the beautifully lit bluff and creek visible from the balcony.